What We Do

How you can benefit from what we do…

For over 27 years we have been supplying customers just like you with high performance custom factory efficiency monitoring systems, digital panel meters, large digital displays and scrolling text displays, which we sell worldwide.

To make your life easier, our products are carefully designed to be easy to use. This saves you time when commissioning, making the whole process stress free.

These products are also accurate, affordable and reliable.

Everything is designed and built in our own purpose-built factory, in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside and you can speak directly to the engineers and designers who are happy to offer any help you may need, in choosing and using the right product for your task.

If you need to precisely measure, analyse and display important variables in your process or application, we can help you.

Our specialities are:-

  • Design and manufacture of high precision panel meters, large displays and message displays, to share your important information.
  • Custom design of special displays and systems to solve your specific process monitoring requirements
  • Design of web-based analysis and logging software to help you improve your manufacturing efficiency

If you’re an OEM, and want to have your name on our product, we can help. We print all the operating manuals and rating labels in-house, so we can include your logo and address if you prefer, even for small quantities.

You can have your manuals and catalogues in English or French. We have a network of loyal distributors and agents worldwide, so please ask for details of a dealer near you.