Decorative Panels Furniture

Decorative Panels Furniture asked us to design and build production monitoring displays for each of their flat-pack component production lines.They wanted a system which was easy to install and use. It also needed to be able to withstand the dusty conditions created by the wood saws.

The information needed to be updated in real time, so they could see at a glance how they were performing, and take any action necessary to ensure they met targets.

The production lines are up to 60m long, so they needed displays which would be easy to see from that distance. We designed a fully sealed IP65 enclosure to accept 4 of our Fusion large display modules. Each module can accept pulses directly from proximity sensors, and can count pulses, compute rate, compute average speed etc.

The displays were built using our standard 6 inch (144mm) high digits to give the necessary clear viewing up to 60m.The displays were styled to match the logo and colour scheme used by Decorative Panels. This reinforces their corporate branding impact when inviting prospective customers to view their facility. 6 Displays manufactured in total with ROI being stated of within 2 months by the client.