Lean Production

World Leading Milk & Yoghurt Producer: London Electronics Ltd worked with the clients Lean Production Team to design, manufacture and install the largest Andon / Judoka system in Europe. Consisting of over 35 large displays with varying digit height sizes, from 2” (57mm) up to 8” (200mm) digit height allowing the important information to be seen from 100m away. Sealed for complete washdown environment with some displays having heater elements fitted to ensure operation in 2 Deg C temperatures.

The system changed the group mindset of the newly appointed production members to the way of working. The system is used as a tool to notify of line stoppages to ensure immediate response from the Engineering team to ensure capacity and output levels are maintained as the best in the business. The system linked to remote PC software to allow anyone in the factory to view the live status of each line, and also linked to audio alerts (with zonal control) to enable messages to be broadcasted to ensure immediate response to situations and minimal downtime. A site Team Leader said ‘We have reduced response times from over 50 mins down to under 8 minutes, the system has increased output via reduced stoppage time. With over 100,000l of milk produced every hour, that is a lot of monies saved and a very fast ROI’.