Big Zone 2 Display

London Electronics has just recently manufactured this large display for one of the world’s leading energy producers. With a production capacity of more than 3.5 million barrels of oil per day and 10.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.

The display has 200mm high digits for the time and PPM level of hydrogen sulfide. The message display is used to indicate colour coded status messages.

The enclosure is 1200mm wide x 1250mm high and certified for use in ATEX Zone 2 areas.

ATEX Zone 2 display with 200mm high digits

Luxury Bus Launch

London Electronics was tasked with supplying a large countdown clock for a photoshoot to mark the launch of a new luxury bus service. Only problem was, we were given less than a week to build, test and ship it but of course we pulled out all the stops and supplied it on time.

Thank you to Chloe at for the order, images and write-up…..

“Go North East has made a major upgrade to its express X84 and X85 routes which serve Hexham, Corbridge, Wylam, Heddon-on-the-Wall and Newcastle. The team at Hexham set a 24hr clock to countdown to mark the launch of the luxury new buses. They headed out with the countdown clock and visited Hexham Abbey and Newcastle helping to create a real buzz the day before they went into service.”

“The further £1million investment is the latest part of an overall £8.5million upgrade in brand new, North British built, low-emission environmentally friendly double-deck buses introduced to the routes as part of the company’s premium interurban X-lines brand, providing a next-level service for its customers on longer distance routes across the North East.”

Hexham Countdown Clock
Hexham Countdown Clock

ATEX Zone 2 Displays

Four ATEX Zone 2 LED displays being prepared for our customer in Mexico.

We offer these in digit heights of 57mm, 102mm, 150mm and 200mm as standard with 4 or 6 digits and a wide choice of inputs and outputs.

The enclosures are stainless steel and sealed to IP66 with 6mm toughened glass windows.

EXNR-F4-6N-S4 ATEX Zone 2 display

FDPP Issue 31 2020

Over our almost 30 year history, London Electronics has manufactured and supplied countless large digit displays for use in the food and drinks industry.

We manufacture our own IP65 sealed uPVC enclosures which are food safe or optionally we can supply in IP66 sealed 316 stainless steel enclosures suitable for heavy duty washdowns.

This month we are advertising our production displays in Food & Drink Processing & Packaging on page 29 at FDPP Issue 31 2020

FDPP Issue 31 2020
FDPP Issue 31 2020 page 29

Large Countdown Clock

We have manufactured this large countdown clock for a rugby club. The digits are 300mm high and have a viewing distance of 150m, they’re blue to match the club colours. It will be mounted on the outside of the clubhouse and counting down to the club centenary.

Large blue countdown clock

Cooked But Still Work

Our large digit displays are designed to function as standard in temperatures of 0-50°C. So, we wanted to share this recent email which is a testament to the quality of our products and shows why you should buy British.

“Three existing LED displays (two of which are London Electronics units) have been damaged due to exposure to high temperature following control failure. We estimate a temperature slightly in excess of 100°C was experienced for a 12hr period. The two London Electronics units still function but are badly distorted. The third unit didn’t fare so well.

Is there any scope for re-manufacture of the London Electronics units bearing in mind that the units function? The enclosures are badly distorted and the PCBs are now slightly curved.”

Needless to say that after 20 years of service and being cooked at 100°C we recommended that the customer buy brand new replacements.

P175X cooked in 100 degrees
P175X cooked in 100 degrees

Small Message Displays

Another batch of small message displays being packed up ready to ship to our customer.

London Electronics manufactures these custom message displays to assist with product sorting in the warehouses of a large fashion retailer.

The displays are in pairs as a master and slave and each can show two characters or symbols such as arrows and crosses.

Small message displays being packed
Small message displays being packed

Thorncote Pool

After a thorough maintenance and sanitisation programme during COVID-19, Thorncote Pool has been refilled in preparation for the return of the exclusive swim school LittleAqua.

London Electronics manufactured a custom temperature and humidity display for the pool which has to be kept at a very cosy 30°C for babies and infants.

A scrolling message display across the bottom is used to keep parents informed of activities and events.

Thorncote Pool - Little Aqua

Modbus RTU Display

Finnfjord is one of the worlds most energy efficient and environmentally friendly producers of ferrosilicon.

Our Norwegian distributor Nortelco was asked to supply a custom built display to show production values sent via Modbus RTU.

The 102mm (4 inch) high digits are comprised of outdoor brightness LEDs, a thermostatically controlled heater is built-in for the cold Norwegian environment.

Outdoor display with 102mm high digits

Vehicle Management

The Port of Cork is the key seaport in the south of Ireland and there is a large flow of traffic both to and from the port. London Electronics was tasked with manufacturing two large vehicle management displays to assist with traffic control.

The enclosures are made from “marine grade” stainless steel to withstand the harsh saltwater environment and the sophisticated ventilation system will keep the displays running cool in the Summer months.

The tri-colour, ultra-bright, LED characters are 120mm high and clearly readable 50m away. The beacons are dual-colour and have a diameter of 100mm.

Port of Cork Vehicle Management Display
Port of Cork Vehicle Information Display