Digital Panel Meters

British Manufactured Digital Panel Meters

If you need to measure process variables of any kind, and you want a meter that is easy to install and set up, the Intuitive Series of 1/8 DIN digital panel meters is for you. User-friendly, reliable and accurate, with a 3 year warranty and UK support direct from the designers and manufacturers (that’s us).

INT4 Digital Panel Meter

These panel meters are designed especially to be super easy to set up, saving you valuable time and money. Plus, they are precise, stable, cost effective and available from stock. You and your staff will be delighted with the clear, high contrast display, which has adjustable brightness to suit all viewing environments.

They make perfect commercial sense, even when compared to cheaper meters, because they take so little time to set up and will continue working perfectly for years and years even in harsh industrial environments.

Functions in the digital panel meter range …

See how easy INT4 digital panel meters are to calibrate…

They can be set to display 2,3,4,5 or 6 digits and have a wide range of plug-in options to give you useful control, recording and communications functions.

They accept most industrial sensors, so you can use one familiar range of products for many applications. All are RoHS compliant.

The 1/8 DIN format INT4 is a drop-in replacement for the old INT2, but has a clearer setup system and higher performance signal processing. It looks the same, connects the same but works far better.

A group of INT4 digital panel meters in a batching control panel

INT4 panel meters in batching control panel

You can be confident when using our digital panel meters in harsh environments.

Here, an INT4-C digital panel meter counter is mounted on a concrete batching vehicle.

You can see the SPC-4 IP67 cover protecting the meter, which we make for harsh installations such as this.

The meter is subjected to road spray off the wheels and needs to be clearly readable in direct sunlight.

Mounting dimensions for our most popular panel meter
– the INT4 series ..