Health and Safety Displays

Large health and safety displays let you clearly see important information from a distance. We make large displays to suit your individual needs – everything we do is designed to customise to give you a perfectly focused corporate health and safety message.

Our displays are designed for washdown environments.

An automatic corporate health and safety display for mounting outdoors. Shown during test.

Colours can change to highlight critical data. This display also has a user-adjustable messaging section, allowing the site manager to put up daily messages appropriate to changing site conditions.

If it’s important and you want everyone to know about it, display it on a Fusion Large display…

Top features of our Large displays:

  • Sealed IP65 as standard for outdoor or food processing use.
  • Viewing distances available from 25m up to 160m
  • Wall, Suspension or panel mounting
  • 95-265V AC or 11-30V DC power supply
  • Alarm output relays, analog output and comms output options
  • Wide choice of display colours

Traffic routing displays help to ensure your site traffic is as safe and efficient as
possible, with clear signage for delivery and collection contractors.

Site Safety displays with your corporate look can be mounted in reception, the canteen and anywhere where your teams and visitors would benefit from being reminded about the importance of key safety issues.

Even the simplest of displays can be styled to deliver important information in your corporate image. Our days since last accident displays automatically update the day count and can be preset or reset as required. They have non-volatile memory for occasions when power is lost or removed.

An outdoor safety display, showing vehicle versus personnel incidents.

You could also segregate data between staff and contractors – whatever is most appropriate for you, we can do it.

Full colour graphics can be included if you wish…

You can show accidents this year and last year, as well as time and date. This display is mounted outside, at the entrance to the factory.

A crane load display during test. Knowing how near you are to the SWL rating of your crane could be critical.

Traffic lights can be supplied loose or as part of a complete networked system…

A custom count-down timer display…

What size characters do I need?

With London Electronics displays, you have a wide choice of character heights for different viewing distances.

You should measure the maximum viewing distance you’ll need, and use this calculator to work out the ideal character size for you.

This will make sure you won’t have to struggle to read the display. And, you won’t pay too much for a display which is bigger than you need.

See this viewing distance chart – click to download…

Download our guide with ideas on how to improve the efficiency of your operation…