Large LED Digital Clocks, Timers, Days since last accident and Examination clocks for schools

Large LED Digital Clocks, Timers, Days since last accident and Examination clocks for schools. UK Made

Example of a custom made outdoor large digit sport timer system we made for for Gravity Jet Suit racing…

Example of a Fusion Series large digit timer, with 400mm high digits, suitable for viewing up to 200m away. Shown during functional testing in our Bedfordshire factory.

Here is the above large digit count down timer display, in use at an architectural launch of a new development project, counting down to completion.

Functions in the digital panel meter range …

These UK designed and built large LED displays let you clearly see important information from a distance. Time is a critical measurement, especially in a large factory or organisation, where many people need to arrive and leave at the same time.

Synchronised messaging clocks

Our MCS series of factory clocks are sealed to IP65 and are network synchronised to our cloud time server and have automatic summer and winter time correction.

A unique feature of the MCS clock series is that you can display scrolling corporate messages in red, green or amber.

You can also have the clocks change colour depending on break times, shifts etc, all controlled by a free secure web app.

A number of clearly visible synchronised clocks ensure everyone always knows exactly what the time is.

Example of a waterproof networked wall clock with 57mm high characters showing time and date. Based on a 2 line version of our Titan-96X8-LEM text display. Special versions also available with alarm features to trigger messages at certain times. Messages and time schedule can be set via free app, usable on phone, PC and Mac.

Can also be triggered to change colour, red, yellow or green available. The example below changes colour at the start of each minute, just to demonstrate the colour change facility. You could set it to be green normally, red during breaks, yellow for last 5 minutes of break, for example.

New: Ex nR Atex Certified build options available

Download our guide with ideas on how to improve the efficiency of your operation…

“The digital examination clock for our school arrived on Friday and has been used today for the first GCSE exam, we are really happy with it.”

Carolyn W

As well as time of day, our Fusion clock displays can be used as elapsed timers, either counting up from 0 or counting down from a preset time. These are ideal in Takt timing applications, process curing and as count-down displays to a big event. They are also ideal for showing factory safety data such as days since last accident, with automatic day counting and simple preset and reset functions.

Exam timer digital clock and student information board for schools…

“We had a specific requirement for our station timers and London Electronics were not fazed by this at all.

James visited our site with demo models and explained very clearly what he needed from us in order to get the best product.

We had changing circumstances in our project and LE responded quickly to all. When faced with meeting a much earlier deadline than expected they really pushed on so we could get all the timers we needed.

Overall they are very professional company, the products they have supplied are top quality and I will be using them in any further projects.”

Paul Johnson, Maintenance Engineer: Bentley Motors Limited

An indoor clock with 400mm high digits being QA tested…

Sports timing displays, custom made to suit specific needs.

A countdown timer we made specially for a premier-league football club, to show the countdown to their next match.

This blue large digit timer has wireless connectivity to a manufacturing process and shows process Takt Time

“Hi Bob,

Here are some photos of the Displays and a short video in action.

Thanks for some good work by LEL, they are just what we wanted.”

Best Regards,
Denis Sturman
C&I Engineer
Saint Gobain Glass

What size characters do I need?

With London Electronics displays, you have a wide choice of character heights for different viewing distances.

You should measure the maximum viewing distance you’ll need, and use this chart to work out the ideal character size for you.

This will make sure you won’t have to struggle to read the display. And, you won’t pay too much for a display which is bigger than you need.

Download this viewing distance chart – click to download…

Cloud based clocks with alarms and messaging

We can also provide large cloud-based LCD clocks synchronised to network time, which can contain break time information, sound triggers, moving text messages etc.

See [this example]

We can provide clocks which are wireless-linked for synchronisation and include sounders to alert your team of breaks.

The schedule can be set up on a PC application we provide free of charge.

Please see example below. Click the software pane to download the software as a zipped file.

Factory Clock alarm / sounder scheduling software

This Windows software allows you to create a schedule of timed events, which can be tailored for each day. By including alarm relays in your clock, the clock can control sounders, lights, interlocks etc. Timing can be for a short duration of a few seconds, ideal for sounders, or can span hours.

You can have up to 4 alarm relay channels to control up to 4 individual devices, each with different timings.

Top features of our Large LED display Clocks:

  • Automatic Summer and Winter time correction
  • Can be free-running or synchronised
  • Can also be used as up or down timers
  • Sealed IP65 as standard for outdoor or food processing use.
  • Viewing distances available from 25m up to 160m
  • Wall, Suspension or panel mounting
  • 95-265V AC or 11-30V DC power supply
  • Alarm output relays, with scheduling software
  • Wide choice of display colours

Fusion 2 inch / 57mm 4 digit clock timer. Model F2-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0

Fusion 2 inch / 57mm 6 digit clock timer. Model F2-6C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0

Titan message display in elapsed timer application

The titan series of message displays is ideal for showing elapsed time. Its 3 colours can be used to signal whether the elapsed time is within limits, approaching limit or exceeded limit.

Counting down to the Olympics with our Fusion large digit timer displays…

Counting down to big public events…

Game timing displays and sounders for outdoor competition…

Factory Clocks, numeric industrial clocks, count up and count down timers

Basic Large Digital Clock Pricing

  • Designed and built in England
  • Automatic summer/winter time correction
  • Precision HH:MM 12 or 24 hour format
  • Waterproof IP65 all round, glanded cable entries
  • 3 year warranty, even in wash-down food processing environments

LELCLK2: 25m viewing distance.
57mm high digits factory clocks HH:MM, sealed IP65 for washdown.
Indoor brightness. Wall or Suspension mounting (specify your preference).
Model number F2-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0 or F2-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-3-0
Power 95-265 V AC
291mm wide x 155mm high x 75mm f-b.

LELCLK4: 50m viewing distance.
102mm high digits factory clocks HH:MM, sealed IP65 for washdown.
Indoor brightness. Wall or Suspension mounting (specify your preference).
Model number F4-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0 or F4-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-3-0
Power 95-265 V AC
453mm wide x 196mm high x 75mm f-b.

LELCLK6: 75m viewing distance.
150mm high digits factory clocks HH:MM, sealed IP65 for washdown.
Indoor brightness. Wall or Suspension mounting (specify your preference).
Model number F6-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0 or F6-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-3-0
Power 95-265 V AC
580mm wide x 246mm high x 75mm f-b.

LELCLK8: 100m viewing distance.
200mm high digits factory clocks HH:MM, sealed IP65 for washdown.
Indoor brightness. Wall or Suspension mounting (specify your preference).
Model number F8-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0 or F8-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-3-0
Power 95-265 V AC
750mm wide x 290mm high x 75mm f-b.

LELCLK12: 150m viewing distance.
300mm high digits factory clocks HH:MM, sealed IP65 for washdown.
Indoor brightness. Wall or Suspension mounting (specify your preference).
Model number F12-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-2-0 or F12-4C-H-0-0-0-R-AC-3-0
Power 95-265 V AC
1050mm wide x 408mm high x 75mm f-b.

Optional Power Cables
Our clocks are normally delivered without power cables, to allow your installers to cable them to a spur outlet.

If you need your clocks to be delivered with pre-installed power cable and moulded 13A plug, please choose one of these options:-

ULPLG3 = 3 metre length cable & moulded UK plug: £8.75
ULPLG5 = 5 metre length cable & moulded UK plug: £12.75

Custom branding available…

Branded with your logo and corporate colours for £75.
Branding on 12 inch displays is £105

Phone +44 01767 626444

See the technical manual at [info]

* No additional discount available.
This is the lowest nett price on these displays.

Wall mounting brackets

Click to download engineering drawing…

Suspension mounting brackets

Click to download engineering drawing…