Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice tells you what to expect in relation to your personal information that we will collect from you and how we handle and process that information.

We put great importance in protecting your personal data and ensuring that the guidelines given within the GDPR legislation are adhered to.

The information that we may collect and hold is as follows:

For general enquiries:
Your Name
Your Email Address
Your Company name
Your Contact telephone numbers
Your Postal Address
A log of our communications with you
Your IP address

When making an online enquiry, you can request news mailings or decline them.

For conducting financial trade, we also collect:-
Trade References, where requested in order to open a trading credit account.
Financial Information such your Credit Rating, Banking Details and Trading history with us.
Delivery and invoice addresses

This information is required in part or in whole to allow us to efficiently conduct business with you and to maintain such records for such periods as are legally required by HMRC and other legal entities.

Your information will be stored on our databases which are access controlled for authorised personnel only. Online data transactions are made over TLS links (https). Email and online enquiries will be stored on 3rd party databases, via TLS.

What is the legal basis for processing your information?
We require certain information in order to conduct business with you, or to answer any communications received from you. This applies whether we are providing our products or services to you, or purchasing products or services from you, or if we are answering general enquiries.

As a Business to Business supplier of technical products, we will collect details of enquiries you have made and our responses to you, as well as full histories of any pending and fulfilled purchase orders.

We will need your financial details in order to process payments and fulfil tax and other reporting obligations. We will also need your contact details in order to communicate effectively with you.

Yours Rights
You have a right at any time to ask for a copy of the information about you that we hold. We will provide this free of charge to you, as soon as possible. To request information please email with the subject line of GDPR Information Request.

Your Rights under GDPR are not affected by conducting business with us.

Retention of your data
Your data will be held for no longer than is necessary, according to our legal obligations.

Sharing of your contact data
If we receive an enquiry from you and if you are located in a region supported by one of our Distributors or Agents, we will pass your enquiry to them, to handle on our behalf.

By necessity, your delivery details will be shared with couriers / postal organisations in order for them to fulfil their service in transporting goods to you.

We do not sell, give or exchange your data with organisations not involved in the direct processing of enquiries or orders between you and ourselves.

Who is your Data Protection Officer?
We are a small industrial services company, not processing large amounts of sensitive personal details, so we are not required to appoint a DPO. However, we still take your data protection seriously and the Company’s Board of Directors will be responsible for ensuring that we maintain our obligations under GDPR.

Revision 0, 15th May 2018